If your clothes dryer fails to run or it is unable to dry clothes thoroughly, it is possible to repair the machine by following these troubleshooting tips. Once you have confirmed that the circuit is okay, you can repair the dryer and make it start working again through:

Reset the dryer

To start with, the problem could be that the monitor has failed to run and in such a case, the most prudent thing to do is to reset the dryer. But don’t do this when your dryer is still hot but rather, wait for it to cool for about 15 minutes or so after which you press its ‘reset’ button. This should be enough to jumpstart the motor if your machine doesn’t have another problem. If the dryer still can’t work, then you need to try out something else as highlighted here below.

Clean the exhaust vent

Before you attempt to do anything, it is essential that you unplug the dryer first for safety purposes and disconnect its grounding wire to avoid being shocked. For gas fueled dryers, ensure that the valve for gas supply is well closed. The exhaust vent of your dryer might have malfunctioned and this is one of the areas that you need to start working on. Start by disconnecting the vent from the collar and then remove the lint from screen. You will find the vent located just behind your dryer and could be the reason why your dryer is not working properly.

Remove the lint using a good vent cleaning brush to clean the vent properly. Clogs that are in the vent should be removed using an auger or a garden hose. A badly clogged tube or vent pipe might seriously reduce the efficiency of your dryer in a major way and this must be cleaned thoroughly. In fact, the joint on the auger or hose needs to be disassembled so that the clog can be removed completely.

The door gasket could be the problem

Another reason why your dryer might not be working properly could be issues with the door gasket which you need to check. It is very easy to work on this one as you just need to hold a tissue at the crack of door gasket while the machine is still running. In case you realize that it is fluttering, this should alert you that the door might not be sealing the hot air properly inside it. Sometimes, you might need to replace the gasket with another new identical model. If your dryer won’t run still, adjust the door latch and clean it well. If the problem still persists, the next area that you should check out is the door switch.

Start switch repair

The start switch also needs to be checked as it could be the reason for all the woes you are having with your dryer. Start by removing the control panel so that you can access the start switch in your dryer. The volt-ohm millimeter should be used for testing the switch and this will help you ascertain whether it is okay or not. When testing, make sure that the VOM is set to RX1 scale. The probes of VOM should be connected to the switch leads after disconnection and then press the switch. When the VOM reading is 0, then know that your switch is okay and it isn’t the problem. If you see that the needle of the VOM has jumped up, this should be an indicator that you need to consider replacing the switch.

Check the thermostats

Failed thermostats are also a common reason why your dryer might function and you should check if yours are in a good condition or not. The operating thermostat or control panel can be accessed by removing your dryer’s back panel. Then, take your volt ohm millimeter and set it to RX1 and clip the probes to the terminals of your thermostat. When your VOM is reading 0, then your thermostat is okay but when the VOM’s needle suddenly jumps when conducting your tests, you will need to restore the thermostats in order to restore your dryer in its correct working condition.

Motor belt replacement

The motor belt is one of the most important components of the dryer and over time, it becomes important that it is replaced when the machine fails to work. To do this, start by taking off the panel on the front part and then remove the drum on the cabinet. Use a vacuum to suck out the lint on it. Conform that the tensioner is spinning and if it isn’t, ensure that you replace it right away. Buy an identical belt and wrap it round on the motor runs. Check and confirm that the motor is not only running but the drum is also rotating as well.

Shutter adjustment

If the dryer being repaired is a gas dryer, the shutter needs to be adjusted. Start by unscrewing and removing the panel which is covering the gas flame and turn on the dryer to observe the flame. In case the flame is deep blue in color and a whistling sound can be heard, this should be an indicator that too much air is being received and this could be the cause of the problem. If the flame is all yellow, this should indicate to you that enough air is not available and this could also be a source of the problem as well. Use a thumbscrew to make the right adjustments to the shutter.

Proper maintenance of a dryer is essential to prevent troubles in the future. The lint trap for example needs to be cleaned every time the dryer is used. Your user’s manual will help you a lot to troubleshoot the problems with your dryer and even offer you some repair tips. If nothing seems to work, it is a high time that you call your local appliance repair service and have professional repair.


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