It’s difficult when a home appliance stops working out of the blue. This is particularly true if it’s something that you use regularly, like a washer or a dryer. Imagine how much laundry would pile up each day that your washer doesn’t work. That’s bad enough if you’re living alone. What if you have a house full of people? A broken laundry appliance is a problem that you need to address immediately. And when you do, it’s always better to get in touch with a professional technician to help you out. For a washer and dryer repair in Costa Mesa, D&V Appliance Repair is the place to go.

We strongly discourage home owners form trying to handle a broken washer or dryer repair themselves. While a washer appears to be a straightforward machine, it has all kinds of odds and ends inside. One wrong move and you can instantly damage your washer beyond saving. If you’re off beam with the wirings, your DIY solution may turn into a fire hazard. So, to prevent the hazards caused by DIY washer or dryer repair, seek the help of a professional.

By hiring a professional technician to fix your washer and dryer, you get these benefits:

  • Safety – Most appliances are intended for heavy-duty tasks, dryers included. This element combined with electrical power can create an unstable situation. To protect your family and your property, leave it to a professional to assess and handle the situation.
  • Convenience – Appliances are designed to make our lives easier. So, anytime they malfunction it leads to inconvenient situations. Rather than forcing yourself to make it work, call a licensed repairman.
  • Cost-effective – Unless you’re a technician, you can’t really guarantee that you can fix the problem. But with a professional, you can trust that they will complete the job the first time around. As such, minimizing the chances of you paying more for additional repairs down the road.
  • Detailed Evaluation – Even though you know how to do a basic repair, there could be other problems that you may overlook. Professional technicians know what to look for beyond what’s obvious. They can also search for potential problems and fix them.
  • Longevity – Repairing the problem at the earliest opportunity enhances the longevity of your dryer. Letting a licensed technician fix your dryer means you get to keep it for as long as possible.

Let D&V Appliance Repair Handle It for You

  • D&V Appliance Repair is the answer to your problems with washer and dryer repair in Fountain Valley, CA. Our technicians are experienced and licensed to repair all major brands and models of laundry appliances.
  • Our service call fee is $95, and it will be waived upon your agreement to do a repair with.
  • Always detailed and clear estimate in writing. No hidden charges.
  • We carry all necessary parts in our vans, so most of the time we can perform the repair in only one visit.
  • Same day appointments available. We do repairs on weekends and after-hours at no extra charge.
  • All parts installed are covered with our extended 5 Year Parts Warranty. 30 Days Warranty on Labor.
  • Convenient payment. We accept all debit or credit cards.

Save your family the misery of dealing with dirty laundry by hand. For washer and dryer repair in Fountain Valley Call Us at (714) 312-5968. Let’s get your washer or dryer started!


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Reviews from our customers about D&V Appliance Repair

Reviewer: Hanna –

Our Samsung dryer that’s fairly new wasn’t working anymore. It would turn on but wouldn’t spin or start up. Husband called D&V and made an appointment. Alex came right at the appointment time. He was absolutely professional and did his full check to see what was wrong. We needed new parts and luckily he had the part with him in his van and said he was able to fix it with the part right then and there. That’s awesome because no one wants to wait a week or two for the part to come and then have a guy come back to install it. Very happy with the service and totally recommend D&V!!!