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Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair in Orange County, CA Dryers have gone quite a distance from their boisterous, boxy, and unsightly first models. Nowadays, it's easy to find a quieter, bigger, and more energy-efficient dryer with smart features and sleek design. But even with the high power of dryers today, the constant use of your dryer can damage it. If you busted your machine and need dryer repair, call a professional right away! Common Dryer Problems Below are some of the most prevalent problems with home dryers. At times, you can fix the problem through a simple repair. But often, these problems need the services of a professional repairman. The dryer won’t start. First, make sure the machine's plug isn't loose or the electric outlet isn't malfunctioning.  If those two work fine, but the dryer still won't turn on, the common culprit is the thermal fuse. Otherwise, the switch of the door could be in the "off" position. The dryer isn't spinning. If the machine fails to spin even if it's on, the problem could be the dryer belt. Its switch or motor may trigger the damage, too. The dryer burns the laundry. If your dryer burns a load of laundry, turn it off, and then remove the plug from the outlet. This problem may need several repairs or replacement parts. Don't attempt any DIY repair. Instead, contact a professional at once. The dryer has problems heating up. If your dryer fails to heat, check if the settings have been changed.  Some dryers [...]

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Washer Repair

Washer Repair in Orange County, CA Most homeowners enjoy the ease of having a washer in their laundry room. Having heaps of dirty clothes and sheets handled economically is often taken for granted. That is, until the washer stops working and leaves you with loads of laundry to deal with all by yourself. As soon as you detect a problem with your washer, call a professional who can do washer repair at once. Common Washer Problems A busted washer means disaster in most households. Look for the signs of a damaged washing machine so it can still be saved by a washer repair.  Below are the top common washer problems you must be aware of: The washer won't start. Generally, this is the result of a tripped or off-balanced switch from an unbalanced load of clothes. This can be quickly fixed by redistributing the laundry. Otherwise, you might have trouble with the timer circuits or your outlet. The washer doesn't spin properly. When the laundry is still soaked after a wash cycle, it could mean the machine is not spinning. This may be because of a faulty lid switch or plunger, burnt spinner, broken wires, depleted drive belt, or lousy timer contact. The washer doesn't have agitation. There are lots of reasons for zero agitation such as a damaged drive belt, incorrect agitator set up or malfunctioning transmission lever. It could also be the result of bad interior timer contact, damaged lid switch, or broken pressure switch. The washer gives [...]

How to Repair a Malfunctioned Dryer

If your clothes dryer fails to run or it is unable to dry clothes thoroughly, it is possible to repair the machine by following these troubleshooting tips. Once you have confirmed that the circuit is okay, you can repair the dryer and make it start working again through: Reset the dryer To start with, the problem could be that the monitor has failed to run and in such a case, the most prudent thing to do is to reset the dryer. But don’t do this when your dryer is still hot but rather, wait for it to cool for about 15 minutes or so after which you press its ‘reset’ button. This should be enough to jumpstart the motor if your machine doesn’t have another problem. If the dryer still can’t work, then you need to try out something else as highlighted here below. Clean the exhaust vent Before you attempt to do anything, it is essential that you unplug the dryer first for safety purposes and disconnect its grounding wire to avoid being shocked. For gas fueled dryers, ensure that the valve for gas supply is well closed. The exhaust vent of your dryer might have malfunctioned and this is one of the areas that you need to start working on. Start by disconnecting the vent from the collar and then remove the lint from screen. You will find the vent located just behind your dryer and could be the reason why your dryer is not working properly. Remove [...]

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How to Repair a Leaky Washer

Having a leaky washer can be quite troublesome as it makes the floor of your laundry room full of water. Leaking of a washing machine is quite a normal thing and there are many culprits for this. In most cases, old hoses are usually the main culprits but the problem could also be due to overusing of the machine or presence of a leaky pump. The good thing is that fixing a leaky washer is quite simple and in most cases, you can do the repair all by yourself. The most important thing is diagnosing the problem and then knowing what needs to be done in order to fix the problem. Determine where the leak is coming from Before you do anything, find the source the leakage in your washer. You will first need to ensure that the washing machine is placed on a well leveled surface. Check where the pool of water is and know the exact point of the machine where it is coming from. When your washer is not on a level position, water will definitely run and determine the source of leakage could be difficult. Then, check if there are some quick fixes that you can do to solve the problem. Before you even start thinking about replacing the gaskets and the hoses, check if the issue can be rectified easily. Refer to the user’s manual of the washer to ensure that the problems are fixed correctly such as: Unbalanced or overloaded washer: water can leak [...]