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Dryers have gone quite a distance from their boisterous, boxy, and unsightly first models. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a quieter, bigger, and more energy-efficient dryer with smart features and sleek design. But even with the high power of dryers today, the constant use of your dryer can damage it. If you busted your machine and need dryer repair, call a professional right away!

Common Dryer Problems

Below are some of the most prevalent problems with home dryers. At times, you can fix the problem through a simple repair. But often, these problems need the services of a professional repairman.

  • The dryer won’t start.

First, make sure the machine’s plug isn’t loose or the electric outlet isn’t malfunctioning.  If those two work fine, but the dryer still won’t turn on, the common culprit is the thermal fuse. Otherwise, the switch of the door could be in the “off” position.

  • The dryer isn’t spinning.

If the machine fails to spin even if it’s on, the problem could be the dryer belt. Its switch or motor may trigger the damage, too.

  • The dryer burns the laundry.

If your dryer burns a load of laundry, turn it off, and then remove the plug from the outlet. This problem may need several repairs or replacement parts. Don’t attempt any DIY repair. Instead, contact a professional at once.

  • The dryer has problems heating up.

If your dryer fails to heat, check if the settings have been changed.  Some dryers have a no-heat setting and only blow out air. If the setting is correct, but there is still no heat, it may be due to the electronic ignition. Again, this is a problem that needs immediate attention from a professional.

General Maintenance for Dryers

A home dryer is one of the treasured appliances of many for it simplifies the laundry process. Ensuring dryer maintenance is critical since dryers and lint build-up are a dangerous combination. Every year, the lethal combo triggers thousands of fires all around the US and Canada.

  • Swap the vinyl dryer vent tube with an aluminum tube.

The bendable white vinyl tube is extremely restrictive. It also fails to meet the US fire safety criteria.

  • Get rid of lint from the lint trap (or screen) after every use.

The lint hazard is real so cleaning the trap after every cycle is necessary. Also, clean the filter’s chute using a long-handled brush once per season.

  • Clean the venting tube.

At least once a year, your dryer’s venting system must be purged from the inside out.

  • Examine the space around the dryer’s vent cap.

Clear away restrictions like dirt, leaves, or snow to allow proper ventilation.

  • Take note of the drying time.

If the process takes longer than necessary, it’s probably due to lint clogs in the venting system. Give your dryer a thorough cleaning right away when this occurs.

Hazards of DIY Dryer Repair

The rise of DIY websites and online video tutorials have made people feel that the internet can solve any problem. The simple truth is, at times, you need the help of a professional to do the repairs. While it’s true you can rely on your skills for minor repairs, often it can get dangerous in a snap.

Electronic appliance repair is probably the most complicated and hazardous home repair you can do. For many of these repairs, you need an expert because more often than not, the problem isn’t always how it appears. Licensed repairmen have been taught to deal with any appliance repairs including your precious dryer.

Here are reasons DIY dryer repair can be dangerous.

  • It can cause further damage.

While you think you’re saving money by doing the repair yourself, the reality is, repairing the dryer on your own can be disastrous. Most people who’ve done this ended up creating more damage. When this happens, you won’t have any choice but to shell out more money: one for the repair of the original problem, and another for the repair of what you’ve damaged.

  • It can leave the dryer dangerous to use.

Each dryer includes a safety process that the manufacturer includes to prevent injuring the users. While working to repair your dryer on your own, you’ll most likely mess up the machine’s safety precautions. This will instantly make the dryer a hazard to you and everyone in the household.

  • It can affect its normal operation.

Dryers have controls that determine how the machine should work normally. Repairing your dryer alone is likely to affect the controls. This means if your dryer is supposed to heat up at a specific temperature, your DIY repair can lead to overheating.

Skip the DIY – Call the Experts

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Reviewer: Tom K.
I called this company to have my Samsung dryer repaired. Mark arrived in time, looked at my dryer and diagnosed the problem right away. He had a huge stock of parts in his van and luckily he was able to fix my dryer right away, no second appointment needed. Great service.